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Hi! I’m Ashley - wife, mother, and first time homesteader.  I live on a 3 acre farm with my family (the human kind and 25 other furry or feathered kind). Our move was instigated by a desire for space to spread out and grow, both figuratively and literally.  The first thing we built was 6 raised beds to house our kitchen garden -everything we would need or want to use on a daily basis in our home. 

My long standing interest in essential oils and non-toxic beauty was accelerated living in a place where things flourished; grew beautifully, abundantly, and without chemicals.  I was fascinated with the medicinal properties of so many of the vibrant and prolific herbs, flowers, and plants.  I began making tinctures, first aid salves, and oils for my skin and face.  Things that I have grown organically and infused in clean and pure oils, became the basis for really effective products. It felt empowering to know exactly what I was putting on my family’s skin and ultimately into our bodies.  

We live in a world where understanding what we are doing, using, eating, and applying to our bodies is becoming increasingly important. I am honored to provide products that may be a part of your routine, products that are clean and simple, pure, powerful and made with loving energy. 

We inherently know what is right and good for ourselves.  We make decisions about our health every day- what to eat, what to drink, when to exercise, when to sleep, and so on.  Our skin care regimen is also a health care decision.  Everything we put on our bodies will end up in our bodies- so lets make wise decisions when choosing skin care products.”
-Marlene Adelmann